frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Useful Information About the Segway and Our Tours in Rome

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What is a Segawy?

The Segway Human Transporter is the first of its kind-a self-balancing, personal transportation device designed to go anywhere people do. Easy to use and operate, the two-wheeled Segway sports high-tech gyroscopes that automatically respond to your body’s movements, “sensing” when it should speed up and slow down.

How does the Segway moves? How does it balance?

The Segway PT uses LeanSteer™ Technology to move you from Point A to B. Gently move the Lean Steer frame and handlebar left or right in the direction you want to travel and feel the machine respond almost instantly.The Segway PT balances by using five micro-machined angular rate sensors and two accelerometers that sense the changing terrain and your body position at 100 times per second.

What does riding a Segway PT feels like?

Riding the Segway PT feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced because there’s never been anything like it. Step on and your instinct will be to steady yourself, as you would on anything with two wheels. But almost immediately you’ll realize that the Segway PT is balancing for you, almost like it has become an extension of you. Just lean forward a little and you’ll see that the Segway PT isn’t moving you on its own; it’s moving in response to you and what you tell it to do. It all feels natural and really cool.
You stand on a small platform between left and right wheels as you hold onto handlebars at a comfortable waist height. The Segway handles the balancing for you, so that you’re always upright as you glide through any environment.

What is the Segway Smile?

The Segway Smile is exhibited by nearly everyone who’s ever ridden a Segway PT. The Segway PT is more than a product; it’s an experience unlike anything you’ve tried before. Going from place to place becomes fun. Riders become empowered pedestrians that cover more ground, work smarter, become more productive and move more intelligently. This knowledge manifests itself in an ear-to-ear grin. Not sure what we’re talking about? Stop someone riding a Segway PT the next time you see one and you’ll understand. You’ll probably smile back.

Is there a weight limit for riding a Segway?

There is a recommended limit of 260 lbs. and we ask our guests to be within a reasonable range of this limit.

How far in advance do I need to reserve a place for a Segway Tour?

These tours fill to capacity on a regular basis, and for this reason we suggest you either book online, or call us in our office. We don’t want to fill our tour and miss showing you around.

Do we go inside museums and monuments during the Segway Tour?

We do not enter the museums and monuments since the Segways are so much fun! We will give you a great orientation however, and you’ll know exactly where you want to go after the tour.

Is it allowed to take pictures during the Segway Tour?

Absolutely, however, we do recommend that you ask your guide to take your pictures so you can focus on riding and balancing on your Segway.

Can I rent a Segway without a Tour?

Unfortunately, we do not rent our Segways out to individuals without a guide. Since our tours are virtually always full, we need all machines for our tour customers.

Can children ride a Segway?

Although riding a Segway is relatively easy to do and learn, we do require that all riders be at least 12 years of age.
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