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The difference between a satisfactory tour and a great tour is what you SEE, what you LEARN and how you FEEL.

<>Our goal is not to overwhelm you with mind-bending dates and boring stories. Instead, we offer a great orientation tour, with heaps of unique and fascinating stories, photo opportunities and great personal service from your guide. <>Since receiving permission from the City of Rome to conduct Segway Tours in summer of 2010, we’ve led thousands of satisfied customers through the city.

Here are a few reasons why we think you should choose us

Free Training Session

At Rome on Segway Tours, we train you on the spot, one by one, step by step without a training video. Other companies have you sit through a one hour training video with no hands on training. There is no way you will feel confident riding a Segway by only watching a video.

No Deposit Required

Some Segway tour companies require several hundred Euros in advance to secure a deposit for unforseen damages. they are hoping you break something and charge you double the actual damage amount. We rather care about your safety and focus on you having fun, not on ripping you off.

Lowest Tour Cost

We offer more for less with the best prices in town.

Order Now, Pay Later

We at Rome on Segway Tours don’t ask you to pay in when you make a reservation. instead, we will confirm with you by mail or phone you arrival up to 72 hours before you booked schedule!

Boutique Tour Operation

Our small and personable touch makes us much more flexible than the larger tour operation allowing us to offer a better price and attention to all our customers.

2/3/4 Pure Hours of Segway Ride

Some Segway tour companies supposedly offer three hours of touring. You waste one hour watching the training video, and they make so many stops during the tour for drinks, snacks or restroom breaks that time flies by without you even knowing it. That time could have been better spent enjoying the city view and wheels of your Segway.

Small Groups for Safety and Personal Attention

We never make a tour with more than 8 persons a group for safety reasons and greater personal attention. We do not make you join a 30 person group just for you to take part in a Segway tour.

Generous Discount for repeating Customers

Rome on Segway Tours is the ONLY company that offers better prices for repeat riders every time that your are coming back to tour with us.

Flexible and Private Tours

We offer very flexible, personable and private sections tours. We also give the possibility to invent a personal tour.

What Are You Waiting For?

take a look at our Segway Tours or Write Us any thought or wish you have in mind!
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Piazza del Gesù, 47,
Rome, 00186, Italy

Mon – Sat: 10AM – 7PM
Sunday: 10AM – 6PM

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